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Worry Free Sex With Emoji Condoms

Safe sex is a must because you are responsible for both you and your partner health and one of the simplest ways is by using condoms. You’re not alive at the time where to buy condoms should be prescribed by a doctor, is it? It is very easy to get condoms almost anywhere at the pharmacy, mini market even a grocery store also sells condoms. One of the main functions of condoms is to prevent unexpected pregnancy and it is far more effective compared any birth control method with 98% success rate. It also has no side effect, unlike other birth control method. Condoms also could protect you and your partner from any sexually transmitted diseases, even HIV/AIDS. It why there are so many campaigns of safe sex by handing over free condoms. Now, you could add some fun with the emoji condoms that available in Rip n Roll, it is a condom with emoji on the package.

The emoji condoms have the function as how it supposed to be, the difference is on the emoji printed on the package. The emojis are proven to give positive effect for enjoyment and increase personal interaction. Emoji is a valuable addition to the communication and it is served the same purpose on the emoji condoms that available in the Rip n Roll. With 12 emotions of Emoticondoms, you could be sure you could be able to show your emotion through the condoms package. It will add some fun to your sex life with emoji condoms within the reach of your hand. So, get the emoji condoms in Rip n Roll now and get worry-free sexual intercourse. You do not have to worry about missing the pill of the birth control and the deadly STD’s because condoms are the best protection that you could get. Get your safe, worry-free and fun sex with emoji condoms that available in Rip n Roll store now!